Warmer temperatures are a sure sign that door to door sales people will be returning to your neighborhood soon. While some of these folks represent reputable companies, there are plenty who have unethical motives. This is an ongoing issue for the security industry, as smaller, local companies use sales scammers to target the customers of larger ones with high-pressure tactics. Here are five things to watch out for:

Close-up of woman pressing the button of a doorbell on a brick wall

Never let anyone inside your home unless you made the appointment! (This goes for any type of company, not just home security.)

If they claim to be from your existing security company, call the local office for verification. Sometimes sales scammers pretend to be a rep, tell victims that their current system is outdated and no longer reliable, and then pressure them to purchase new equipment and sign a new contract. Reputable companies typically will not send their sales rep without contacting you first.

Another popular tactic is for the rep to claim your current company is going out of business and is transferring your account to their company. Tell them you will check with your provider and get back to them.

Be prepared to hear stories of increased crime and break-ins in your neighborhood. Sales scammers use these as scare tactics.

If you are in the market for a home security system, do your research first and get multiple bids before you sign a contract. Monthly monitoring fees are only one facet of your total cost; find out what your equipment and installation prices will be, and the terms of your contract.