Within it, you can give yourself comfort, diversion, and security. But what if your home could provide those things to you automatically?

White Rabbit’s Smart Hub is a revolutionary smart security and home automation solution, designed to help your home run efficiently, with virtually no assistance from you.

Pair White Rabbit with your home security system and/or home smart devices. It is easily programmed to respond via Wi-Fi to your family’s cellular phones.

When everyone in your family leaves the house, White Rabbit will automatically shut off lights, turn down the thermostat, lock the doors, arm your security system, and perform any other smart home tasks you designate.

When you return home, it senses your arrival and disarms the security system, then adjusts your home smart devices based on your preferences.

White Rabbit can do all of these things automatically; however, you can also change settings or manually control devices at any time via the mobile app.

The White Rabbit Smart Hub’s patented design is sleek, modern, and attractive.


No cumbersome keypad to fumble with when you leave and return home.


Designed to blend in aesthetically with any décor – streamlined, simple, and elegant.


Installs nearly anywhere – on a desk, in a closet, on the kitchen counter, or any space with an AC outlet.

White Rabbit puts security first. Keep all of your existing sensors and hardware, and with a White Rabbit upgrade, never worry about an unarmed system again!