October  19, 2015

Tori Martinez
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White Rabbit Electronics Joins the Z-Wave Alliance

White Rabbit Electronics, the venture from Bold Technologies’ CEO Rod Coles and President Chuck Speck, has officially become a full member of the Z-Wave Alliance. The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments.

Becoming a member of the Z-Wave Alliance was a highly anticipated step in the beta test process, as the company finalizes the product for production. “Z-Wave is leading the way in the smart home market and we believe its success is due to the efforts of the Alliance promoting the technology’s awareness and recognition, along with ensuring interoperability amongst various manufacturers,” said Steve Ipson, VP of Commercial Care.

The White Rabbit Smart Hub’s patent-pending user awareness gives it the unique ability to arm and disarm a security system based on the presence of family members, with no manual input to a keypad. It also offers users an expanded ability to program their home automation to run automatically based on presence or a specified schedule.

White Rabbit’s partnership with Z-Wave broadens the options for compatible devices. Ipson said, “As we developed our Smart Hub to be sensor agnostic, we knew the Z-Wave technology would be a cornerstone in helping us achieve that vision. The Internet of Things’ ever-increasing number of Z-Wave devices helps the homeowner achieve control of their security, home automation, energy management, and more, with reliability and affordability.”

White Rabbit is currently preparing to submit the Smart Hub to receive Z-Wave certification as part of their current “Evolution” beta test program. They recently exhibited at CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas, and are planning events for 2016.


About White Rabbit Electronics

White Rabbit Electronics offers a ‘security first’ approach to a home automation network. Founded by an executive team with decades of experience in creating security automation and PSIM software, White Rabbit designs and manufactures security products that deliver safety and simplicity for the user. Connecting the Internet of Things in today’s smart home, White Rabbit brings homeowners a simple, secure, proven solution that combines ease-of-use and multiple levels of security protection to keep customers informed and even safer than with a standard alarm system. White Rabbit Electronics is a privately held company that is expanding globally through retail sales and channel partnerships with leading security providers. Learn more at www.whiterabbitalarm.com