Did you lock the door when you left? Never wonder this question again! With a White Rabbit Smart Hub, you will always know your house is protected.

White Rabbit secures your house when you aren’t there, by ensuring all of your doors are locked and your garage is closed whenever your family leaves the premises.

Upon the arrival of a family member, doors that you designate will automatically be unlocked for easy entrance.

All doors and garage doors can also be accessed manually through the mobile app when needed.

By monitoring your family’s presence via cell phones through the Wi-Fi network, White Rabbit detects when your house is empty and sets your smart home devices to your specifications automatically.

The “Internet of Things” is rapidly growing, as new innovations designed to simplify your life enter the market every day. White Rabbit’s Smart Hub was built to be compatible with nearly all of them, connecting all of your devices for truly customized home automation.