The ability to automate your home is expanding daily, with new innovations and devices being added to the “Internet of Things.” White Rabbit is ready to connect all of them to create your personalized smart home.

Add to the functionality and control of your smart home at any time, with smart home automation for televisions, sprinkler systems, coffee makers, sound systems, and even pet trackers, all managed through your White Rabbit Smart Hub.

Already own smart home devices? No need to replace them. White Rabbit is designed to be compatible with nearly all existing automation technology, including Z-Wave, ZigBee, Elk, Wi-Fi, hard-wired, and more.

Give yourself peace-of-mind by monitoring or receiving notification when children arrive home safely. White Rabbit can act as an interface between home cameras and your smartphone by emailing pictures or sending text message notifications.

Select from a variety of prebuilt templates within the White Rabbit Smart Hub for easy smart living, monitoring, and notifications. Or, you can create and customize your own templates to your specifications.

The “Internet of Things” is rapidly growing, as new innovations designed to simplify your life enter the market every day. Find out if your devices are compatible with the White Rabbit Smart Hub.