Automatically heat or air condition your home to what you want, when you want it. Make adjustments to your energy and electricity usage to save money on your utility bills.


Set dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers to run at specific times while you are away, to conserve hot water during peak usage times.


Save on your utility bill by scheduling ideal temperatures for when you are at home and away. White Rabbit will automatically set your thermostat.

Only use heat or air conditioning when your home needs it. White Rabbit can be assigned different automation schedules for work weeks, weekends, or vacations.

Manually or remotely control your thermostat with your smartphone or tablet. Warm up or cool down your house when needed for visitors or unexpected trips home.

The “Internet of Things” is rapidly growing, as new innovations designed to simplify your life enter the market every day. White Rabbit’s Smart Hub was built to be compatible with nearly all of them, connecting all of your devices for truly customized home automation.