MAY 11, 2015

Tiffany Coles
White Rabbit Electronics
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White Rabbit Electronics Debuts at ISC West

White Rabbit Electronics, the new venture from Bold Technologies’ CEO Rod Coles and President Chuck Speck, had an outstanding debut on the floor of ISC West in mid-April. The company was pleased to introduce its innovative new White Rabbit Smart Hub, designed to take smart homes to the next level.

White Rabbit, which works exclusively with Bold’s Manitou software, links existing home automation and security devices with a central station to create a system that works for users without any direct interaction. The Smart Hub eliminates lengthy installations, unsightly keypads, and the need for users to manually arm and disarm their alarms. The ease of the design also makes it suitable for DIY installation.

Customer retention continues to be the largest challenge faced by the security industry. One of the predominant reasons for attrition is from customers who cease to find value in an alarm system they forget to utilize. The White Rabbit Smart Hub was designed to offset that attrition by automatically providing monitored home security, along with other “Connected Home” features, without physical involvement from the homeowner. As described by Coles, “[One of] the clever things we’ve done is that the system is aware of who’s in the house, and that means that it can make some really smart decisions. So, if nobody’s there, then it can set the alarm. …When you get back, it’ll detect you approaching the house and it will disarm the system, and it knows that it’s you.”

Coles was very pleased with the response at ISC West from both the security and smart home market, stating “The reaction and the interest were fantastic. We were able to confirm that there is definitely a need within our market that this product can fill.” Steve Ipson, the VP of Commercial Care for White Rabbit, agrees, “The turnout at ISC West this year was the best I’ve ever seen. For being a new company with a new product, the interest level and activity in our booth was phenomenal for all three days.”

The White Rabbit Smart Hub will be in production and ready to pre-order at ESX in June. White Rabbit will be exhibiting at booth 448.

About White Rabbit Electronics, Ltd. White Rabbit Electronics offers a ‘security first’ approach to a home automation network. Founded by an executive team with decades of experience in creating security automation and PSIM software, White Rabbit designs and manufactures security products that deliver safety and simplicity for the user. Connecting the Internet of Things in today’s smart home, White Rabbit brings homeowners a simple, secure, proven solution that combines ease-of-use and multiple levels of security protection to keep customers informed and even safer than with a standard alarm system. White Rabbit Electronics is a privately held company that is expanding globally through retail sales and channel partnerships with leading security providers. Learn more at